Trail Stewardship Project Services


Trail Planning and Assessment

The success of a recreational trail is highly dependent on both the environmental and social sustainability of the trail. With decades of experience, Sonoma County Trails Council (SCTC) leaders can provide layouts for new trails or re-route existing trails using current best practices in sustainable trail design.

Trail planning includes flagging and defining the trail corridor and construction recommendations. A modern, well-designed trail results in minor impacts to the surrounding landscape and requires minimal maintenance. The SCTC can provide guidance on re-routing problem trails to help create trails that provide the exciting experience trail users are seeking, with minimal environmental impact.

Trail Construction

The SCTC's extensive trail building expertise and innovative trail construction techniques combined with significant community and volunteer engagement results in amazing trails. Project collaboration is essential and we excel at blended teams utilizing trail building contractors with mechanized tools working alongside volunteers using hand tools.

Trail construction services include:

  • Corridor clearing
  • Creation of water-control features a
  • Installation of rock-armoring and walls
  • Use of natural surfaces and materials
  • Gentle-use practices, with volunteers using hand tools
  • Finish work

Trail Maintenance

The SCTC provides essential trail maintenance services:

  • Slough, berm, and brush removal
  • Fallen tree and limb removal
  • Drainage swales, rolling dips, armoring, reverse grades
  • Sensitive habitat protection such as causeways 
  • Solutions for water crossings (i.e. rock armoring, puncheons)
  • Repair of existing trail features such as retaining walls, turnouts and landings


The foundation of a successful trail or system of trails is a high level of knowledge regarding sustainable trail design, construction, and maintenance. The SCTC can provide client-specific classroom and/or field training. Available curriculum includes:

  • Efficient and effective trail maintenance
  • Modern trail system design
  • Water control features
  • Crew leader training
  • Volunteer management
  • Client specific trail construction techniques


Project Services  

SCTC Project Services rates start at $1,000 per work day. This includes a pre-site visit to identify the specific tasks and determine the work schedule before the project work day, prepare and transport tools and equipment, work day supervision, and clean and repair tools afterwards.  
Note: The SCTC is not responsible for purchasing materials required for projects.

Project Consulting 

SCTC Project Consulting rates range from $50/hour to $150/hour depending on task complexity, duration, location, and urgency.

Education Workshops

Workshop costs vary depending on the number of attendees, location, and topics to be covered.