2017 Gallery

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


Brushy Peaks Trail 9/9/2017


Vista Trail (Stairway to heaven) 100th step built!   8/5/2017


Brushy Peaks Trail, Earth Day   4/22/2017


Vista Trail (Stairway to heaven)   4/1/2017

Trione-Annadel State Park


Over 100 volunteers offered to help repair the trails for the first trail work day in the park after the wildfires. With the overwhelming response we had limit the group to 80 volunteers. 2/3rds of the park was still closed due to the fire so the trail work was on the trails in the unburned area.

Warren Richardson Trail 11/18/2017


Marsh Trail 8/19/2017


Canyon Trail 6/17/2017


Canyon Trail 5/20/2017



Canyon Trail 3/18/2017


Canyon Trail 4/15/2017


SCTC extra trail work events


Jack London State Historic Park

New ADA Trail    4/4/2017

New ADA Trail 5/2/2017


Other SCTC events