2017 Gallery

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


Brushy Peaks Trail 9/9/2017


Vista Trail (Stairway to heaven) 100th step built!   8/5/2017


Brushy Peaks Trail, Earth Day   4/22/2017


Vista Trail (Stairway to heaven)   4/1/2017

Trione-Annadel State Park


Marsh Trail 8/19/2017


Canyon Trail 6/17/2017


Canyon Trail 5/20/2017



Canyon Trail 3/18/2017


Canyon Trail 4/15/2017

Taylor Mt. Regional Park


SCTC extra trail work events


Jack London State Historic Park

New ADA Trail    4/4/2017

New ADA Trail 5/2/2017


Other SCTC events